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Integrated solutions

We design and implement a communications and control infrastructure and connect  all the necessary elements to the network. Using the ICC PRO software we linked between the elements (Valves,Water Meters, Sensors, Water pumps. Water level sensor etc.) and create  a system. 

Our unique ability is to build a control system in which each element of the system is in continuous communication with all the other elements, thanks to this ability each element can control and affect other elements regardless of distance and hydraulic scheme.

This ability is why Mottech solution consider as one of the leading solution to full synchronize between the water supply system and the irrigation system. In municipality application our customers use the Motorola system to control and coordinate the  Turf & Landscape irrigation together with the water sources (such as: gray water, storm water harvest, etc.) and the Lighting sports fields.

Mottech infrastructures – ICC PRO software, communication network and advanced field controllers serve as a platform for our customers to control and monitoring. Motorola system’s ability to connect various applications streamlines the work, saves resources, time and money