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Remote sites with no communication network

Professional, stable and reliable communication infrastructure  is the necessary foundation for any control system, especially when it comes to the control system which all its elements must be in continuous and permanent communication with all the other elements, and react in real time to any changes, for example: in large scale urban water management projects.

This is Motorola’s expertise.

Motorola systems use advanced communication networks to achieve effective data transfer over various communication infrastructures. Using a range media technologies: Radio, Cellular, Line connection, Computer network and more.

The special ability of Motorola is to enable number of communication methods in the same  control system. This allows us to design and implement the most professional, efficient and affordable communication network.

Performing sophisticated networking features such as data Store & Forward capabilities and RTU-TO-RTU data communication we make it possible to build a communications network stable and reliable and allow monitoring and control even the most remote sites with no cellular and internet infrastructure.

Here are details of  advantages and disadvantages of communication methods we use:


Advantages – Wide coverage without term limits, available and widespread, high mobility capability

Disadvantages – Dependence on external and cellular coverage, current costs, rapid technological change requiring hardware changes (at times)


Advantages – Private communication is not dependent on an external supplier , higher mobility, most cases lower usage costs

Disadvantages – Limited range, often required the construction of antennas, consideration of communication protocols, frequency permits and fees (in some countries)



Advantages – Private infrastructure, simple maintenance, continuous communication, no additional operation costs

Disadvantages – Limited mobility capability, limited range


Advantages – Stable and fast communication, unlimited range

Disadvantages – Dependence on external suppliers (infrastructure & internet), regardless of the existing infrastructure, ongoing costs