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The Mottech Edge

 Water Saving Irrigation Methods

Motorola control systems offer customers intelligent, cost-efficient solutions by using innovative water leakage detection methods as well as advanced techniques for calculating and automatically changing water irrigation quantities as required, dramatically reducing water consumption, energy, manpower and resources.

The system enables to monitor the irrigation system and turn off the water in respond to water leakage, high flow and others irrigation problems.

This capability of the system to identify, respond and report in real-time  leads to savings of tens of percent of water  consumption.

Another significant savings achieved through the ability to plan and change the quantities per each valve in the system. Mottech solutions enable to calculate the accurate amount of water for every valve in the irrigation system based on professional parameters such as: plot area, days between irrigation, crop type ,daily ET and more. Based on these parameters, the Motorola  system automatically changes thousands of water allocation for every valve in the irrigation  system.

Our system users achieve significant savings in water and energy thanks to remote control and monitoring with real time visualization and analysis enabling total water management capacities. The systems remote sensor reading options (pressure, soil moisture, water level, weather conditions…), alarms, messages, trends and reports allow for easy and efficient:

  • Water budget management
  • Water leakage management
  • Water flow monitoring (High/Low)
  • Numerous predefined automatic programs
  • Rule-based system (If-Then rules)
  • Remote programming and diagnostics

Real Time Data

  • Transmitted to the IRRInet Control Center allowing real-time control and monitoring

Water Saving:

  • Significantly improves water budget planning
  • Timely & precise irrigation allocation
  • Leakages are identified and treated instantly

Energy Saving:

  • Pumps are activated according to demands and scheduling
  • Pre-defined tasks are executed automatically